Edward Manukian
Edward Manukian is the principal founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of LGE. Edward’s technological expertise stems from his tenure as President of Simplified Solutions, Inc (SSI), an internationally recognized business and advisory firm. He is an expert on privatization and business development with over USD $3.5 billion in project finance awarded on programs he personally conceived and co-developed. Edward coordinates technology transfers between the west and east, and develops mutual technical and financial support options for each program. Among his other qualifications, he is an international authority in the mechanisms of the Kyoto protocol and similar treaties. Born in Bulgaria and a Canadian citizen since 1986, Edward is fluent in several European languages. He is a graduate of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) State University, and the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Edward was formerly a faculty member at the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the University of Maryland, College Park, where he taught Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Methodology and Logic of Science.

RADM Robert Clark
RADM Robert Clark, USN (Ret) is a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of LGE. Prior to founding LGE, Bob held executive positions and consulted to global companies in the energy and engineering related fields for over 35 years. As President of BC International, he managed global energy projects that analyzed and resolved technical, commercial and regulatory issues facing engineering firms engaged in business in Central and Eastern Europe and China. As President of The Strider Group, he advised on brownfield/greenfield options issues related to full site decommissioning, providing solutions and support services including initial surveys, laboratory testing, regulatory analysis, modeling and risk assessment. Bob was formerly the Director of International Services for the Energy Systems Business Unit of Westinghouse Electric Company, where he was responsible for major service agreements globally, and arranging and managing acquisitions and joint ventures primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. He was also in General Management for Westinghouse’s Nuclear Services Division. Bob earned a BA in Economics and Mathematics from De Sales University and EBC from University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. He has completed numerous executive training programs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Aspen Executive Program, and the Federal Executive Institute.

John Anagnostou
John Anagnostou is an accomplished executive experienced in leading industrial start-ups, directing supply chain initiatives and managing operations. He joined PGE in January 2013 and is leading its efforts to implement industrial applications of Gasplasma®, especially in the cement and mining sectors. Mr. Anagnostou has been director of the 170-employee Titan cement plant in Zlatna Panega, Bulgaria, where he implemented innovative technologies for alternative fuels and energy generation. From 2002 to 2009, he led the start up of Titan’s $250 million dry cement plant in Miami, Florida, which was the most expensive and strategically important plant in Titan’s 100-year history. Before joining Titan, Mr. Anagnostou successfully implemented cutting edge technologies and dramatically improved operations for Colgate Palmolive in Manchester, England, Brussels, Belgium and Athens, Greece.

Gianmaria La Porta
Gianmaria La Porta has many years of project experience on behalf of major multinational companies including due diligence screening of potential projects, pre-financing development, financial closing, project construction, project operations and exit strategy implementation. Mr. La Porta has served as development consultant to LGE since 2009. In that capacity, he has assisted LGE with due diligence, negotiations and project coordination. He has played a significant role in LGE’s investment in Gasplasma®, subsequent development efforts and the roll out of Gasplasma® projects.