LGE holds its principal investments in the following companies.

Our Portfolio

Advanced Plasma Power Limited
Advanced Plasma Power Limited (“APP”) is a world leader in advanced waste-to-energy technology employing the patented Gasplasma® technology.

Plasma Green Energy
Plasma Green Energy, LP (“PGE”) holds exclusive rights to all Gasplasma® applications in Canada and Eastern Europe and, in addition, exclusive rights in the rest of the world to certain Gasplasma® industrial applications.

SOLIDpower S.p.A.
SOLIDpower S.p.A. is a fuel cell company based in Italy and Switzerland, focusing on the development of advanced solid oxide fuel cell technology.

SOFC Syngas S.r.l.
SOFC Syngas S.r.l. holds the worldwide rights to combining the Gasplasma® process with SOLIDpower’s solid oxide fuel cells. This combination allows for the creation of plants able to generate electricity and heat without combustion, all with a reduced environmental impact.

Port Fuels & Materials Services, Inc.
Port Fuels & Materials Services, Inc. (“PFMSI”) was established with the objective of developing an energy-from-waste facility in the Port of Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) that will operate as a flagship of the Gasplasma® technology.