LGE is currently focused on implementation and commercialization of its innovative technologies.

Combining Gasplasma® and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

SOLIDpower fuel cells can be installed at a Gasplasma® plant to convert the synthetic gas into electricity. The high calorific value and clean quality of the Gasplasma® syngas is well suited to SOLIDpower fuel cells. When combined, Gasplasma® and SOLIDpower fuel cells convert 70-75% of the energy in the waste being processed into usable heat and electric power.

LGE Project Company: Port Fuels & Materials Services

Port Fuels & Materials Services, Inc. is currently developing the first commercial-scale Gasplasma® project in the Port of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The project is in the process of qualifying for environmental and technology permits, securing feedstock and power off-take commitments, as well as an agreement with the EPC contractor who will build and deliver the plant. A second phase of the project is planned to replace the gas fired electric generators with SOLIDpower fuel cells to more efficiently convert the syngas into electricity. A third phase of the project is planned to treat inorganic waste, including the recovery of precious metals. This process treats the waste directly with a plasma torch without the prior step of gasification.